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Monday, June 12, 2006

Call Me...BOBBY!

Yeah, so on a message board I frequent, there was a link to a test to see which 70s teen idol you are. Of course, I hadda take it. Why? I don't know...guess it has to do with curiosity and dead cats! So, anyway, according to the test, I'm Bobby Sherman, heart-throb of the pre-teen/tween/teen set back in the late 60s and early 70s.

Bobby Sherman was an actor and singer of some moderate success. You'd most likely remember him (if you remember him at all) as one of the stars of "Here Come the Brides" (which also starred another 70s icon--David Soul, later of "Starsky and Hutch" fame) , which ran on ABC from 1967-1970. He had a hit with the show's theme, "Seattle", and other hits with "Cried Like A Baby", "Julie, Do Ya Love Me?", and "Make Your Own Kind of Music" (a cover of the Mama Cass song played on the season 2 opener of "Lost", just so you don't think Ol' Groove is totally out of touch with what's happening today!).

Bobby, by the way, was my sister's first "idol" (I'm pretty sure she was in kindergarten at the time). That was probably because he was the only "teen idol" to appear on Larry Smith's "Hattie the Witch and Friends" puppet/cartoon show (a local Cincinnati kiddie show on WXIX we were hooked on back in the day--I'll tell you lots more about that show in the future--just remind me if I forget).

And, as coincidence would have it, "Here Come the Brides" was released on DVD last month. Hey, now Ol' Groove knows what to get sis on her b-day!
Anyway, if you want to take the test, follow this link:
Are YOU Bobby Sherman? Donny Osmond? David Cassidy? or even (shudder) Leif Garrett? Check it out and good luck!

--Agent Out!


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