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Monday, June 19, 2006

Happy (day after your) Birthday, Sir Paul!

Yesterday, was Sir Paul McCartney's birthday. Today, however, is just another day. For those of you who thought the birthday was coming up, you're late. If you're a big fan who forgot about it, don't feel so bad. Put on a brave face. Press on. If you feel pain, time will take it away. Besides, with a little luck, you won't forget next year. I didn't forget, but I don't blog on weekends.

Maybe I'm amazed that more people didn't realize it was McCartney's birthday. Didn't talk to anyone who knew it. I told a few people to let 'em in on what I thought was a pretty cool birthday. Not too many people were interested. After a few "I've had enough" looks, I let the topic drop. Live and let die, I always say.

To celebrate a birthday such as Sir Paul's, I thought the best thing to do would be to listen to what the man said--or at least what the man sang and played. So I did. I can't describe my love for Sir Paul's 70s music. His work with Wings, as well as his solo work throughout the Groovy Age, was pretty doggoned awesome. Can you think of the names of any of his songs, right off the top of your head?

But really, why am I bothering to talk about such a famous person's birthday. Lots of birthday's go completely unnoticed. I doubt anyone will notice when I'm sixty-four.

Have a good night, tonight and a great day tomorrow.

--Agent Out


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