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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What Made Comics Groovy! Part 2: Neal Adams' DC Covers

These three images pretty much say it all. Though it was "cooler" to be a Marvel fan back in the early 70s, DC editors were wise and wiley enough to know that a Neal Adams cover could sell any comic. Adams rarely (at least by 1970/71) did insides (he was doing most of his interior work for Marvel: the Inhumans in Amazing Adventures and the Avengers in, er, Avengers--it was mostly Batman for DC--hey, three more future columns there!), so lots of times it was kind of "bait-and-switch"--Adams on the cover, Bob Brown, Irv Novick, Curt Swan (just for example) on the insides. Not complaining, though--Messrs. Brown, Novick, and Swan were doing top-notch work. Ironically, Ol' Groove read the above comics until the covers fell off!

Besides being three of my personal faves (bought right off the spinner rack at the then local King Kwik), notice the storytelling in those three covers! You could pretty much tell what the book was going to be about just by glancing at them. Now THEM's comicbook covers, Bunky!

There are tons more examples of Mr. Adams' cover art (pre-and post-Groovy Age as well), so I'd suggest a run at Google if the above links don't sate your appetite for more Adams Awesomeness!

--Agent Out!


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