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Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Groovy Birthday!

Today is John Byrne's birthday. Now, anyone who's into comics knows who this fella of the best writer/artists ever! Oh yeah, he's controversial (he has opinions--don't we all?--and a public forum to air them--don't a lot of us?), he's a lodestone when it comes to attracting attention on the Internet. But I don't care! His art during the Groovy Age was, imho, the grooviest of all! From his Rog-2000 back-ups in E-Man, to his work on Doomsday +1, to his jump to Marvel and Iron Fist, Star-Lord (Marvel Preview #11 is the single greatest comic EVER!), Marvel Team-Up, the Champions, X-Men (the Phoenix Saga!!), Power Man/Iron Fist, Avengers, Marvel Two-In-One, Captain America, and beyond (beyond the Groovy Age, that is--Fantastic Four, Superman, Next Men, X-Men: the Hidden Years, All-New Atom, anyone?), Mr. Byrne has totally and consistently entertained Ol' Groove. Happy Birthday, Mr. B.! And here's to many more years of great comics!

And you don't have to take my word for how great his art is. It pretty much speaks for itself:


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